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The Insatiable Quench

Quench All Day Bar and Café has pimped up bar food with lots of cheese thrown in. After a point, almost all the food tastes the same. We suggest you visit the place for the music and the vibe it exudes, and you will enjoy it just fine.

Twilight Grills in an Ocean of Calm

After our evening at the Doubletree Suites by Hilton, we found ourselves discussing (well, more like plotting) how we could get the gang together to spend a weekend there and enjoy a little staycation! And it certainly is a place to consider when people in South Bangalore are looking for a party venue, with the rooftop and all.

Up Above The World So High

For space-starved denizens of Mumbai, Asilo’s luxurious expansiveness is spellbinding. The new menu, vast and diverse as it is, compels you to return to this rooftop establishment, as the chef tries to elevate regular dishes to extravagant creations while trying his best not to go overboard.

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